Convictions is a Christian band based in Ohio who show their emotion and belief in God through their music. We recently met up with Convictions at Chain Reaction while they were on tour with Hotel Books and Dayseeker (Invogue Records). We were impressed with their live performance and decided to hangout with them at their merch booth. We were blown away at how solid their merchandise was setup, they had everything from posters, CD’s, 6+ t-shirts, hats, and even bundles available. We decided to tickle the mind of Mike, the lead vocalist of Convictions, to provide some insight on their tour experience and strategy for merchandising.


What is the meaning behind the band name?
When we decided to come up with a band name we set out to use one word that would describe our content and reflect our values as a whole. Convictions came naturally!

Where do you find your influences for your music?
As a band we developed a style and movement of our own called “Aggressive Worship”. We try to write songs with difficult subject matter that not most Christian artists would write about. We draw much of our influence from The Bible obviously and our day to day lives. Much of our musical influences range from Underoath to As Cities Burn.


What is your favorite and least favorite thing about touring?
My favorite part of touring is traveling and seeing new sites. I also love meeting new people that share the same passion for music and or faith. The worst part of touring is how hard it can be to keep up with hygiene. Sometimes we will go many days without showering while sleeping in a van. It can be pretty disgusting at times. Another thing I do not enjoy is being away from loved ones for extended periods of time.

What advice would you give to other local bands that are interested in touring?
Get in the mindset of being all in or nothing. You have to be willing to put in the effort to make your dream a reality. You will lose jobs, relationships and a lot of time and money but if you really love your art these are small sacrifices to make. Also don’t cut corners with bad recordings, instruments, promotion, merchandise, etcetera.

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How do you approach planning how much merchandise you need for a tour?
That’s something we are still getting used to. On the road we will have our merch people ship out multiple packages across the country for us to pick up. We try and hold high standards of never running out of sizes in all our styles.

Whats the most profitable way to run your merchandise on tour?
Keeping our inventory completely full is always the best option. Also it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and colors.

What advice would you give local bands who are trying to step up their merch game?
Print on good materials!!! People these days don’t want shirts that will shrink and fade so invest in the best products possible.

How do you go about cutting down expenses on tour?
We avoid staying at hotels and going out to eat at all the time. Our advice is sleeping in the van or with close friends and family. Also finding restaurants that donate to traveling musicians!

Whats currently going on with the band?
We are promoting our most recent release “I WILL BECOME” with lots and lots of touring. There is also talk of new material on the way.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans, friends, and family?
Thank you for supporting Convictions! Hope to see you all on the road =]

Interview by Ariana Rose (@ariixana_)